[Mono-dev] mono contains a bug for version 1.1.13-6 and 1.1.14 ; This might be the case for version above 1.1.8-3

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 14:06:17 EDT 2006


  System.Threading.Thread is in the mscorlib assembly, not in the
System assembly.

As for a replacement for Thread.Interrupt, you can use either:
- setting a flag and have the thread check it regularly (polling)
- use Thread.Abort () which is implemented on mono, then swallow the abort
  exception using Thread.ResetAbort ().


On 6/6/06, Saliou, Lionel <L.Saliou at napier.ac.uk> wrote:
> @Zoltan, thank you very much for your prompt answer. That said, I
> stunned to read your message as the class status (cf.
> www.go-mono.com/mono-todo.html ->
> http://mono.ximian.com/class-status/mono-HEAD-vs-fx-1-1/class-status-Sys
> tem.html) says that System.Threading is 100% completed... and since
> Thread is part of System.Threading it should work, or am I reading the
> wrong resource? Or do I not understand the documentation?
> Finally, what should I do to get around this problem?
> Cheers,
> Lionel
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