[Mono-dev] mono frustration

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Jun 5 09:17:28 EDT 2006


> > I've just been trying to install the monodevelop IDE and associated
> > utilities for FC5 as per your excellent instructions on the mono-develop
> > mailing list.

> Yes - I'm moving job, so have moved the packages. I will be putting up
> fresh builds tonight via my home website - there are plenty of fixes,
> including one which sorts out the chomping of the mime encodings!

I've uploaded the 64 bit versions of the rpms - the 32 bit versions will
be around later today.


Please remember, other than ikvm, all of these packages have not been
yet added to the official Fedora Extras yum repository. If you find a
problem, you can file bugs by going to the following bugs at

178901 - gtksourceview-sharp
178904 - monodevelop
189092 - boo
189093 - mono-debugger
193957 - nant

monodoc seems to have vanished currently!


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