[Mono-dev] Serialization strategies for compatibility.

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 08:27:51 EDT 2006

>> >     Now in .NET 1.1 SP-N I noticed that they introduced some changes.
>> > Some classes now implemented some new interfaces that were not present
>> > in .NET 1.1.   My question is: what is the justification to add new
>> > implemented interfaces to classes,
>> No idea.
> Big fixes is one possible reason. (IIRC System.Threading.WaitHandle
> neglected to implement IDisposable initially. It does in 2.0 and now
> maybe in 1.1 SP-N.)

System.Threading.WaitHandle implements IDisposable at least since MS.NET 1.0 

Some System.Runtime.InteropServices interfaces prefixed with _ were added in 
MS.NET 1.1 SP1 for more proper COM interop support.

Another exapmle is System.Web.HttpResponse.TransmitFile method that was 
added to MS.NET 1.0 and MS.NET 1.1 by a hotfix and later Service Packs 
include it:

Regarding such post-RTM API changes I suggest to implement the API of the 
latest MS.NET Service Packs available because this is what people usually 
use and Microsoft probable evaluated the drawbacks of such changes and the 
should be fully backward compatible.


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