[Mono-dev] NHibernate + DynamicProxies + Mono trouble

xiii29 xiii29 at free.fr
Mon Jun 5 06:10:03 EDT 2006

Hello !

I'm working with NHibernate for my application. I have some trouble but 
step by step I'm able to find solution (Thanks to google).

The last one was a problem of compatibility between Mono and 
DynamicProxies (from castle project). All info are here : 

Now : I've this exception which seems coming from the mscorlib on mono ?

WARNING **: Missing member Equals in type OpCode, assembly 

Unhandled Exception: NHibernate.LazyInitializationException: Failed to 
lazily initialize a collection ---> NHibernate.HibernateException: 
Creating a proxy instance failed ---> System.MissingMethodException: 
Method not found: 'System.Reflection.Emit.OpCode.Equals'.
in <0x00000> <unknown method>

But when I look in the methods ... I find it ...

ANy idea ?


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