[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Class status pages update

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Thu Jun 1 10:09:05 EDT 2006


The attached patch adds class status pages for the following assemblies:

* System.Configuation (2.0)
* System.ServiceProcess (1.1 and 2.0)
* System.Transactions (2.0)

There are two parts to this update:

- A patch for the update-status script, index-1.1.src and index-2.0.src.

  This patch should be applied in trunk/release/buildbot/scripts

- A (gzipped) tar containing the masterinfos for 1.1 and 2.0

  The files in that archive should be integrated in these archives:


I can take care of committing the patch in trunk/release (after I've
gotton approval to do this ofcourse), but who can take care of updates
the masterinfos tars ?

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