[Mono-dev] SPAM-LOW: Application Portability Guidelines.

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Mon Jul 31 22:33:22 EDT 2006


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> Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:
> > Em Seg, 2006-07-31 às 15:21 -0700, Charlie Poole escreveu:
> >> 4) Shouldn't there be a section on using GTK# as a 
> cross-platform Gui?
> > 
> > I thought SWF/MWF was more "portable" because it runs 
> out-of-the-box 
> > on MS .NET. Am I wrong?
> Here are my 2 guesses as to why GTK# is preferred:
> 1.  GTK+ which GTK# is based on is already a stable 
> cross-platform GUI.
> 2.  For those fearful of Microsoft's influence and patents, 
> GTK is the obvious choice.
> (I guess the 1.1 sub-reason would be that SWF/MWF is much 
> buggier in Mono than GTK#)

My original question was simpler: why is there a heading "Using
Windows.Forms as a cross-platform API" but not one for "Using GTK# as a
cross-platform API"? Clearly there could be lots of reasons to prefer one
over the other, but if you want to port an app, it seems like keeping the
API you already have would generally be your first choice.

I guess the answer is that the page is more aimed at porting Windows apps to
Mono and not the other way around.



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