[Mono-dev] visual webgui for mono?

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Tue Jul 25 17:00:03 EDT 2006

Hello. Very interesting thread.

latency escribió:
> It may be a little of topic, but after reading your email I took a closer look 
> on the AjaxOS Demo Video (which was very impressive by the way) and during 
> that some interesting thoughts come up.
> First of all, I was thinking about the Vision of AjaxOS that all applications 
> will become services which are available in the Internet by using your web 
> browser. This form of application distribution shall lead to certain 
> advantages, like updates need only be deployed on the server and all user of 
> the app will get them and so on.
> But at the end of the Video some guy asked if the AjaxOS Spreadsheet program 
> is able to run macros, which it isn't. Because of the transformation and 
> interaction between the server and the client was way to complex since the 
> spreadsheet must be converted back and forth between ODF and HTML in the 
> process. In addition, the Applications also don't really look like native 
> applications, they don't lose their "web-touch".
> However I like his ideas and thought to myself, can't we avoid the HTML and 
> WWW overhead and make the user experience more "classic" applications without 
> losing the advantages?
> I mean, why can't I just type /usr/bin/mono mono://whatever.mono-project.com 
> into my console and I get the App I requested?

This is already invented and working with the .NET ClickOnce technology,
which IIRC doesn't have a port on Mono+Gecko (I only have managed to get
it working with IE, but perhaps it's an issue very easy to solve).

However, I think the most disadvantage of this is security: with web
browsers you are sure that the most complex code that the web
application is going to execute is JavaScript (which is very limited)
and inside the "security sandbox" of the browser (no access to local
files, no access to other sites different than the one being visited,
etc.). I am not sure but I think the .NET CAS technology could be used
to achieve a similar paradigm...


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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