[Mono-dev] visual webgui for mono?

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Mon Jul 24 14:36:00 EDT 2006

On Monday 24 July 2006 07:23, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Looks really slick. I think the concept is that you code using the normal
> WinForms API, but the code generates HTML and javascript that runs in a
> thin AJAX client on the browser side.
> The problem I see is that it doesn't work in firefox, only IE.

Their main web page says:

"Low Cost, Hassle-Free Deployment - Standards Compliant
"Pure DHTML/ XML / CSS, no unerlying installations, no plug-ins or VMs, 
standard browser compliant; Mozilla, IE, Opera, Safari optimized"

Have you tried it with other browsers yet?


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