[Mono-dev] Developing mono, what's the best distro?

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 09:45:16 EDT 2006

AFAIK, for compiling from source I think mostly any distro will do, as
autogen.sh/configure will ask for the strict dependencies and adapt to
the rest of the environment.

Last time someone asked, most devs in the list were using Fedora or
Suse, but Ubuntu (rising) and Gentoo (declining) are also common. The
ones that cause more noise about installation problems seem to be
Mandriva, and plain Debian stable. Variants of best known distros
(like CentOS who derives from RH/Fedora) also sport packaging

I use FC3 (waiting a HD upgrade to be able to move to FC5 or Ubuntu DD).

Hope it helps,


On 7/24/06, APS <dev.malst at apsystems.it> wrote:
> Hi, I was asking me "Which distribution is used by mono developers?".
> I would like to create a system where patching and compiling mono
> source code, there's a preferable linux distribution for doing this?
> I saw that ubuntu comes with bundled mono support, redhat rpm's are
> provided by mono-project, debian seems to be far from the project.
> What is the developers' choice?
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