[Mono-dev] Mono Linux LogonUserA

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Jul 22 07:57:16 EDT 2006


Lough, Simmons wrote:
> Hello, I have ASP.NET code that makes Http calls to Microsoft Project
> Server. Microsoft Project Server runs on Windows Authentication in
> IIS, so the documented solution is to call "LogonUserA" before making
> the Http calls to Project Server.  I'm trying to port this code to
> run on Linux and Mono.  I moved the code that works on Windows to run
> on Linux and Mono and it gave me an error about not being able load
> up the Windows DLL: Stack Trace: System.DllNotFoundException:
> advapi32.dll
> Does Mono support an implementation of LogonUserA?

It doesn't, but you could use NTLM credentials for your
HTTP calls. This works on Windows as well and it's a
fully managed solution.

Lookup NetworkCredential and HttpWebRequest.Credentials at MSDN.


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