[Mono-dev] webcontrols problem

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Fri Jul 21 05:02:27 EDT 2006


sometimes ago I've posted the Bug 78768 
I think the same thing happens on RadioButton Control.
If I insert a radiobutton disabled and checked and then I enable it 
via code it loose its checked state.
Steps to reproduce it are the same of checkbox bug.

Something similar happens using the SELECT html object with 
runat=server attribute. It's impossible to change its enable/disable 
state at runtime. If the disable property starting value is true it 
remains disabled even if it's set to false.

The same object doesn't support adding attributes on items. I tried 
to make Item.Attributes.Add("style", "color: GREEN") to one of the 
items on the Select but the style attribute is not rendered.

I wrote these problems in one mail cause they applies to similar 
contexts and to avoid "spam" on ML, if necessary I can insert single 
bugs in bugzilla.
Thanks in advance fo helping.

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