[Mono-dev] Video effects with TAO?

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Thu Jul 20 03:28:17 EDT 2006


In my company there are taking place some debates on deciding which 
technology to use for a new project that is going to be able to play 
videos in many ways, moving them over the screen while playing, fading 
in and out, etc. We use C# and .NET programming and it seems the 
decision is going to bet for DirectX/Direct3D and all these technologies.

Can TAO/SDL/Mono technologies be able to do this kind of things? Where 
could I find a proof of concept to show to my colleagues? (We need to 
support many video formats, some of them propietary: WMV, AVI, MOV, etc.)

I am interested in this so as to assure the portability of the project 
from the start (just in case we want to run it on Linux in the future).

Thanks in advance.


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