[Mono-dev] Incremental C# compiler

David Srbecky dsrbecky at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 09:25:55 EDT 2006


It seems that my whole Edit and Continue effort boils down just to one 
thing: Being able to recompile as quickly as possible.

The idea is that gmcs would not be used as a command line tool but as a 
library. After compilation it would keep all usefully data in memory so 
it could use them during an incremental compilation. For example, I do 
not think that it is necessary do parse again file that have not changed.

I actually do not know what takes so long on compilation. Can anyone 
give me a rough estimate on how long the compiling stages take please?
- lexing, parsing, semantic analysis and such
- emission of code to System.Reflection.Emit
- Saving of the assembly on disk


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