[Mono-dev] Paco's Combined Mono and Gtk# Experimental Windows Installer

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 11 17:48:27 EDT 2006

I was wondering if Paco or someone could create a new combined Mono and Gtk# Windows Installer using the latest Mono 1.1.16, gtk#, gnome and  gtk+ dependencies to build and run MonoDevelop on Windows.  Wade from Novell perhaps?   One of the things is to have gtk# 2.4 including gtkhtml and gtksourceview and gecko-sharp built using gmcs.  
I am willing to help anyone who is interested.
Of course, the installer will not be able to include Cygwin nor Mingw/Msys.  This would be an additional dependency to download and install.
The main thing about building MonoDevelop on Windows has been its dependencies.  Once you have it where gmcs can find them when compiling or mono when running MonoDevelop, half your battle has been won.  When you modify MonoDevelop to use TCP sockets and remoting channels instead of Unix sockets and remoting channels, MonoDevelop loads up as long as you disable the WelcomePage and GtkCore/Stetic add-ins via mono mdrun.exe gsetup.
How does one use the versioning policy in gmcs and mono and gtk#?  I see various gtk# assemblies like policy-gtk-sharp-2.4.dll but in the GAC it is listed as   How do I get gmcs to use these assemblies when building?  And how do I get mono to use them when running?

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