[Mono-dev] newbie installing 1.1.16 onto SUSE 10.1

mike horsley mhorsley at vqlive.com
Tue Jul 11 14:16:29 EDT 2006



We have just hired a summer placement to start the process of transitioning
our application to Mono. We're using SUSE 10.1.


We have successfully compiled a basic "hello world" app and run it but when
we add a reference to System.Data into the application, we get the
compilation error that the type or namespace "Data" (or if we try "Xml")
does not exist in the name "System".


We've looked at the environment variables (PATH, MONO_PATH) and suspect this
to be the problem because none are set.


We installed using the Linux Package installer for x86 (latest - 1.1.16)
from the mono-project downloads site.


So, several questions:


What is the full set of environment variables we should set and to what

Where is this documented (so we can start looking in the right place)?


If that is not the issue, any ideas on what is?





Mike Horsley

VQ Communications Ltd


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