[Mono-dev] get-monolite-latest does not work

Bill Seurer seurer at us.ibm.com
Sun Jul 9 19:41:04 EDT 2006

mono-devel-list-bounces at lists.ximian.com wrote on 07/09/2006 06:58:30 AM:
> This morning I was going to recompile all my Mono sources, so I
> uninstalled, cleaned and svn-updated everything. However, when I came to
> the step of "make get-monolite-latest" a file of 0 kbs is returned. What
> happened to the tar.gz file?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alejandro Serrano

It's been that way for maybe a week now.  I noticed it last week when I
tried make get-monolite-latest and when I looked at the files on the ftp
server the past few days of them were all 0 bytes.
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