[Mono-dev] Snippets in mcs

John Luke john.luke at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 19:42:25 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 09:02 -0700, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> John,
> This is awesome!  I love seeing snippets, examples, and samples in mcs.  I wish we did this with other class libraries.
> I remember trying gtk+ back in 1998.  I liked how it actually included examples to play with.  This sure cuts the learning curve in half.
> So, if mono release tarballs, rpms, debs, and installers include these "snippets", it would make mono rock!

Thanks, most of these are already distributed under the samples dir so I
don't know if it is worth shipping these in the tarball itself.  I
mostly just use it as a more convenient way to test all the surfaces in
one place.  (and most of the credit for this should be to the
python/java/cairo guys who originally wrote them).

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