[Mono-dev] xsp - mod_mono charset problem

subscription.sapi subscription.sapi at apsystems.it
Fri Jul 7 08:00:31 EDT 2006

We are porting a web application developed on Visual Studio .NET 2003
(obviously on microsoft Windows environment).

Copying through ftp all files from Windows on Linux, because probably
files are in ISO-8859-1 encoding on windows, same files encoding is
retained on linux filesystem. For apache connection can change
Content-Type... charset=ISO-8859-1 to force http flow to be consistent
with files encoding, but for web pages under mod_mono control, charset
encoding is always UTF-8.


Can we change charset default for mod_mono ?

there is a solution to this problem without changing file content
encoding format with command like: in vi saving files with ":w
++enc=utf-8" ?

what linux environment variable, if any, control mod_mono default
encoding ?


Thank you.

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