[Mono-dev] Make install fails this morning

Dick Porter dick at ximian.com
Fri Jul 7 07:34:16 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 10:01 +0200, Hubert FONGARNAND wrote:
> make[3]: Entering directory `/home/hubert/mono/mcs/class/System'
> MONO_PATH="../../class/lib/net_1_1_bootstrap:
> $MONO_PATH" /home/hubert/mono/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper  ../../class/lib/net_1_1_bootstrap/gacutil.exe /i ../../class/lib/default/System.dll /f /gacdir /usr/lib /root /usr/lib /package 1.0
> ERROR: Could not create package dir file.

You need to update mcs as well whenever you update mono.

- Dick

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