[Mono-dev] MonoType trouble when adjusting method signature

Jonathan S. Chambers Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com
Thu Jul 6 22:30:01 EDT 2006

I have to do some adjustments to the method signatures of the native function calls for COM Interop. In most cases, the return type of a managed method on a RCW is really the last parameter of the COM method call. For example:

double GetDouble();

int GetDouble(double* val); // the int return value is the standard HRESULT

In adjusting the signature I have a MonoType* (double in this case) which is the  return type. I need to get the corresponding byref version of that MonoType, and apply the PARAM_ATTRIBUTE_OUT attribute to that type's attributes in order to use it as a parameter in the unmanaged method signature. Any advice on how to do this? There is a dup_type method in class.c, but it seems like I'm missing something.


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