[Mono-dev] Status of ADO.NET 2.0

T Senganal tsenganal at novell.com
Tue Jul 4 01:28:53 EDT 2006


> What is the current status of the ADO.NET 2.0 implementation ??

Currently working on finishing the disconnected classes in 2.0 . The
disconnected classes and provider base classes should be fully
in a couple of weeks.. The providers (sqlclient, odbc and others) will
take more
time to be implemented.. 

> While compiling the latest Firebird .NET Provider for .NET 2.0 ( .NET
> Provider v2.0 Final ) i'm getting 2 errors only, on two properties of
> the DbParameter class ( Precision and Scale ) that looks as no being 
> present in the .NET 2.0 class.

Will fix it soon and verify that firebird provider builds successfully..


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