[Mono-dev] genmdesc for MPC8xx

Matt Johnson matt at brushfiretech.com
Sun Jul 2 23:27:58 EDT 2006

So what, do I just remove the definitions for the ones that don't exist?  That seems somewhat barbaric... Not a lot of confidence that would work.
A lot of them in the existing cpu-g4.md are defined as floating point.  There are no floating point registers on my processor, so should I kill those as well?
What's the best way to test this once I get it to build?
Any way to go about this with a little more certainty?  I doubt the existing files were built with this sort of trial and error.


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> I'm trying to build mono/ppc for an MPC8xx.  Specifically, Freescale
> MPC855.
> Where can I get the details I need to start building a new
> mono/mini/cpu-mpc8xx.md file?  I've been digging through the Freescale
> reference docs, but I'm afraid they are a bit beyond me.

Most likely the differences in this CPU are fairly minimal compared to
the PowerPC port that we have.

My suggestion would be to identify which instructions might not be
present in the CPU and just modify the existing code generator.

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