[Mono-dev] 1.2 release?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Jul 1 12:41:41 EDT 2006


    Following up to Rafael's comments:  The 1.1.xx releases are pretty
much Mono 1.2, the only reason we have not renamed them to 1.2 is that
Windows.Forms is not ready.   

> Also: my application is as I said 2.0, developed with Visual Basic. I 
> didn't find much difficoult to convert it to C# (with VBConversions' VB 
> to C# converter). But as you probably know, VB has the "my" namespace 
> wich wraps many classes.. will "my" be ported to linux or I have to use 
> classic C# calls to classes? If this is the case, I'll start migrating 
> "my" calls to standard framework calls (or build a personal wrapper for 
> those).

    No work exists currently to support "My", but will eventually be
there.  Work has started on this, but it will take at least half a year,
maybe even more to have it completed.  If you need something sooner, C#
might be your best choice.

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