[Mono-dev] Windows ME and 98

Joachim Ante joe at otee.dk
Tue Jan 31 07:57:45 EST 2006


We just found out that mono doesn't run on windows me and 98.

As far as i can see the mono needs psapi.dll, which is available only on
NT-based windows (NT, 2k, XP). From it mono seems to be using only three
functions: EnumProcessModules, EnumProcesses, GetModuleBaseNameW - which
seem to be called basically from diagnostics code.

Apart from that, mono uses lots of unicode versions of win32 API (so by
default that won't run on 9x/ME, unless you install unicode layer): starting
from filesystem (CreateDirectoryW, CreateProcessW, ...), to some
security/cryptography (CryptAcquireContextW, SetNamedSecurityInfoW etc.).

Is there a plan to support Windows ME / Windows 98?
Can anyone think of any other issues than the above in order to get mono
running on those platforms?

Joachim Ante

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