[Mono-dev] RE: New test suite for System.Web.dll

Vladimir Krasnov vladimirk at mainsoft.com
Tue Jan 31 06:55:14 EST 2006

Hello All,

I would like to submit our System.Web test suite that we have used
internally in Mainsoft.

This is a comparative test suite that runs in web environment; it has
server and client components. The server side is a web application that
contains many .aspx files with number of unit tests in each one. The
client side is a NUnit (may act as console application as well) test
fixture that sequentially submit requests and validates the results. The
results are validated by comparing the XML (HTML response is converted
to XML) output with stored reference results such as if the HTML renders
differently, the test fails.
The reference results were taken from web application deployed on IIS

I've tested this test suite in Mono environment using XSP. Currently 218
of 470 are failed.

In order to convert HTML to XML, we have used Simon Mourier
HtmlAgilityPack, http://www.codefluent.com/smourier/hap.htm, and would
like to add this utility to the Mono tree.

Since the test packages are too large to post in Mono list,
Please download it from 

MainsoftWebApp.tar.gz - web application
MainsoftWebTest.tar.gz - console application and also NUnit fixture

Please review and respond with your comments.

Vladimir Krasnov

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