[Mono-dev] Ldap and Threading

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Sun Jan 29 11:43:43 EST 2006

Hello Mike,

As I wrote in my analysis of your patches, I ran the application you
provided and, unfortunately, did not repro the issue. (see

The only suspicious exception was the first one:
1. Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: length in <0x005cc>
System.Array:Copy (System.Array sourceArray, Int32 sourceIndex,
System.Array destinationArray, Int32 destinationIndex, Int32 length) in
<0x0004b> System.Array:Copy (System.Array sourceArray, System.Array
destinationArray, Int32 length) in <0x00016>
System.Collections.ArrayList:CopyTo (System.Array array) in <0x0002a>
System.Collections.ArrayList:ToArray () in <0x00048>
Novell.Directory.Ldap.MessageVector:findMessageById (Int32

But in order to validate the fix, I need to understand what was done by
some other thread that caused this race. Then we will be able to see how
the proposed patch fixes that.

Konstantin Triger

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> Can you point exactly on the race condition you face? For 
> example by providing a stack trace or explaining thread A is 
> doing this and thread B is doing that etc.
> I need this to ensure we eliminate this race and to create a 
> granular patch for this specific issue.

If you reference back to the start of this thread I posted a console app
was able to relably reproduce the issues I was having with a description
of the
exceptions and stacktrace's I received. If you need a copy I can dig it
up and
send it to you. 

Mike Glenn

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