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Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Thu Jan 26 12:25:49 EST 2006

Hi Boris,

It would be nice to have such tool and mcs/tools/blah is fine. Problems

	- We are not likely to add further functionality before Mono 1.2
	  (thus am even refrained from adding forgotten "dtd2rng" in 
	- The name should be better and general ;-)

Actually during recent relaxng development I created similar but mostly
validation oriented tool (i.e. like xmllint or xsltproc), attached. I 
haven't put it into svn mostly because it is too cheap and misses many
expected things (like XSLT params).

Both of your code and it could be merged into a single tool.

Atsushi Eno

> Hello all,
> I've build a simple "1-line-of-code" tool that applies xsl
> transformation to xml files, in order to transform NUnit output xml
> files to more suitable format to be used by automatic testing engine.
> Actually, I tried first to find such a tool in svn repository...
> somewhere in tools, but it was not here :(
> Does such a tool exists in svn repository, and if not - where can I
> commit this one (is mcs\tools\xmlformatter a good place)?
> Thanks,
> Boris
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