[Mono-dev] bug with loading a bitmap from an embedded resource?

Jonathan Resnick jresnick at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 15:27:21 EST 2006

I'm new to this list.  I'm trying to port a .NET application to Mono.  It
seems that when I try to load a bitmap from an embedded resource, subsequent
operations on that bitmap throw exceptions.  For example, assuming I have an
embedded resource called TestBitmap.bmp:
using System.Drawing:
Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap( this.GetType(), "TestBitmap.bmp");
bitmap.MakeTransparent(Color.Red);        // throws OutOfMemoryException
Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap( this.GetType(), "TestBitmap.bmp");
bitmap.Save("c:\test.bmp");        // throws System.Exception: Unknown Error
Has anyone encountered this?  I'm running on WinXP.
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