[Mono-dev] DateTime in .NET 2.0

Julien De Groote julien.degroote at tremplin-utc.net
Wed Jan 25 07:29:32 EST 2006


I noticed the 2.0 members of System.DateTime are not implemented in mono
v1.1.12.1 (this includes ToBinary(), FromBinary() and Kind). The missing
members do not appear in the class status pages though.
I am willing to do this and provide the patch to the list. I have just 1
question :
The DateTime struct uses a private TimeSpan. To encode/decode to/from binary
form, I need to use 2 bits for the Kind property thus leaving ‘only’ 62 bits
for the Ticks property. Is it correct to have the DateTime.MaxValue
decreased to prevent overflow when encoding ToBinary ? (this is not
documented in msdn2).

By the way we have just started a game project using mono C# and we hope to
make a first ‘pre-alpha’ release soon. Don’t hesitate to check it out on
sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/freesett). We are just starting
so don't expect too much :-). 

Julien De Groote

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