[Mono-dev] Ldap and Threading

Mike Glenn mglenn at zoominternet.net
Thu Jan 19 09:28:07 EST 2006

Concerning my earlier issue JD Conley provided me with a copy of the Novell LDAP
lib that he had changed to fix similar issues he was having to mine, those
changes fixed the deadlocks and race conditions I was having. I've spoke with
him and he's fine with those changes being ported in to Mono's copy of the lib.
The issue is that his changes appear to be against a copy of the Novell Forge
version of the lib and as such do not include changes that have been applied to
the mono version. 

My question is if there is someone I to whom I can send this updated lib to so
that they can import the changes into mono's copy? I'd gladly do it myself but
I'm having trouble following the code due to my lack of knowledge of LDAP wire
protocol and BER encoding. And so I think it'd be better for everyone if I left
the merging up to someone with a more solid understanding of what goes on during
the library's connection.

If like to take a shot at it please drop me a line or reply here and I'll get
you hooked up with a copy of the lib.

Mike Glenn

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