[Mono-dev] MSVC compiled mono_jit_walk_stack problems

Aras Pranckevicius aras at otee.dk
Wed Jan 18 04:23:32 EST 2006

Hi Sebastien,

> The VS2005 solution file (in Mono's SVN) only "works" for the DEBUG
> targets - i.e. it was never (at least by me) tested under "Release" or
> with any optimization enabled.

Yeah, I noticed that. Basically, I just built the project files from
scratch (because at least in official mono sources archive lots of
.vcproj files seem to be missing).

I didn't run any regression tests, but so far it's working ok on the
testdata that we have (we have embedded mono for games scripting). And
like you, I was mostly building with VS for debugging.

Aras Pranckevicius

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