[Mono-dev] SUSE Linux / Installing mono_mod problems

S. Shawn Mehaffie PCResourcesLLC at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:08:01 EST 2006

I am using the SUSE Virtual Machine to see how mono works.  I have installed
mono, and have downloaded and unzipped the mono_mode.  When I try to run the
following command ./configure --prefix=/usr to configure the mono mod so I
can compile / install it I get the following error: apsx was not found, DSO
compilation will not be available.  Any help will be appreciated. I think I
need to install something else, but not sure what.  I used the installation
package to install mono, so I was surprised that the mono mod was not
installed since it is required for the ASP.Net functionality to work.


I am a new Linux user and am very interested in mono and making sure my
ASP.Net applications that I write also run under mono.  Please be as
detailed as possible in any instructions given.


I am also interested in any instructions on using the "Automatic
configuration of ASP.NET applications with mod_mono"


Any help will be appreciated.



S. Shawn Mehaffie


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