[Mono-dev] mono embed: passing arrays from and to unmanaged code

Davide Morelli davide.morelli at parser.it
Fri Jan 13 08:00:51 EST 2006

thank you, that was really useful!

now my problem is that i'd need to pass an array of struct.
a very simple struct like this one

- in C
typedef struct atom_simple
int a_type;
float float_value;
MonoString *string_value;

- in C#
[StructLayout (LayoutKind.Sequential)]
public struct Atom
 public int type;
 public float float_value;
 public string string_value;

I'd like to put those struct in an array but i need a MonoClass to create 
the MonoArray, something like:

MonoClass *c = mono_class_from_name (image, "PureData", "Atom");
mono_array_new (domain, c, argc);

but is this the right thing to do? i mean does mono_class_from_name () work 
on struct also?
if not, is there another way i can create a monoarray ?

sadly the examples in samples/embed don't cover this.

thank you,

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> On 01/11/06 Davide Morelli wrote:
>> I'm trying to pass arrays of floats and strings from and to mono embed 
>> from
>> a C software with no luck.
>> I'd need to call (from C) managed functions like:
>> void TakeManyStrings(string [] list);
>> void TakeManyFloats(float [] list);
>> i'd also need to do the same from managed to umnanaged: call a C function
>> from C# passing an array of strings and floats.
>> I couldn't find any useful manual page or source code on how to do so..
>> could anybody point out any reference to me?
> See mono/docs/internal-calls.
> An array argument passed to an icall will look like a MonoArray*
> argument on the C side.
> A MonoArray* is a reference so it is passed to managed functions like
> any other reference. See mono/samples/embed/*.c for many invocation
> examples.
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