[Mono-dev] Firebird embedded on Linux and Remoting

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez carlosga at telefonica.net
Wed Jan 11 14:11:22 EST 2006


> well, is really a bug or are we doing something wrong???
> should we recompile the firebird embedded library to work with the 
> mono threads or not?? (BTW I don't really know if I understand 
> correctly what to do but in a previous email I was pointed to the 
> "embedding mono" page)

It will be nice to ask this in the fb-support or fb-devel lists as well, 
to know if there are any problem known in an scenario like your one, and 
to know what type of threads is using the fbembed in linux, to see if 
for some reason that could be causing problems to mono.

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez


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