[Mono-dev] Lazy Man´s Command Line Dispatcher

Oscar Forero oforero at novell.com
Tue Jan 10 12:11:38 EST 2006


I have make some improvements on the Command Line Dispatching library;
I am attaching a tarball with an example about how to use it, I will
like to direct your attention to the fact that practically there are
only 3 mandatory lines, It meas that this library gives the people a
very powerful command line dispatcher and value parser in one almost for
free, also there are not heavy dependencies of the programs to the
library, no inheritance is required, only optional attributes to the
methods (and/or a naming convention to the methods) and optional
attributes to the parameters.

I know is not going to solve the problems of the world, but i think it
have the potential to make your life easier if you have to work with
command line parameters.




PS: I will like to thank Edd Dumbill for his book, I great resource to
start with mono.
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