[Mono-dev] Still can not run ASP.Net VB pages

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
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As previously was explained several times on Mono lists mbas and VB CodeDOM
of Mono is still under development. It was also explained that VB CodeDOM
(that is used to generate code files from .aspx files) is broken and will
not be fixed until mbas will be functional enough.

My advice is still to compile code to DLL assemblies using Visual Studio and
using any language you prefer (I guess VB.NET). Don't use VB.NET code in
.aspx files (or other ASP.NET files) and set language to C# for code
generator either in Web.config or in .aspx files. This will avoid the use of
mbas and VB CodeDOM.

Some examples:

    <compilation defaultLanguage="C#" />

.aspx files:
<%@ Page Language="C#" %>


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After a couple of time (1-2 months :-)) I am still not able to make Mono run
ASP.Net VB webapplications. Now I have made the most simple webapplication
that is possible: there is nothing in it except VisualStudio generated code.
I have attached the VisualStudio project (zipped) and the results reported
by the web server (html).
When I make functionally the same application written in C# it works without
any error.

What is wrong with this webapplication? Why does not Mono compile it?

Thanks in advance!

Arnhoffer Károly


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