[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Minor fixes for XmlElement & XmlTextWriter

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at pandora.be
Thu Jan 5 04:03:34 EST 2006

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>Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2006 04:53 AM
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>Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] Minor fixes for XmlElement & XmlTextWriter
>Hi Gert,
>It would be nicer if you avoid application/octet-stream to post

Must be my "favorite" mail client (Outlook) then. I'll see if I can change that.

>In XmlElementTests.cs, I think those additional lines could be split
>to another method and be shared (since null seems equivalent as
>String.Empty in 2.0).

Ok, I'll look into it.

>As for your code in general, please conform to coding guidelines
>e.g. switch-case indentation and having extra brace for one liner
>if-s (especially considering that you often do code reformatting;
>doing it ignoring coding guidelines won't be welcomed).

It's sometimes hard to kick old habits, but I'll try ;-)

>If you agree with above please commit the patch after fixing them
>(no need to excuse as long as changes are related only to above).

Ok, I'll probably send an updated patch to you or the list for approval, just to avoid getting you on my back again ;-)


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