[Mono-dev] Command Line Dispatcher

Oscar Forero oforero at novell.com
Thu Jan 5 09:34:23 EST 2006

This is a complete different approach, it supports already multi valued
attributes; it is completely generic, so it is possible to use vectors
of parameters of any given type. It also have now support for
enumerations, you can get a parameter of an specific user given enum

It really reduce the amount of code that somebody needs to write
because almost all the handling is done in a declarative way via
attributes, and i add support to some Types like DirectoryInfo to show
how easy is to extend the functionality to support more Types. I did it
with the intension of being extended with more type support.

I did this trying to program using the Top down approach of Extreme
Programming, first i write an application that use the library (which
still does not exist) and then write the library to support that kind of
use. And as far as i have been able to see it offer already a lot more
functionality as the libraries that exist in other languages.

I am right now working in a generic shell support, so the applications
can have an interactive mode for free.

I took a look into the Existing Classes of Mono.GetOptions and from the
amount of classes seems that my proposal is already more extensive.
Please take some time to check my library, I will of course check the
Mono.GetOptions to see if some kind of merge of ideas can be done.

I will try to write a example to compare both methods.

BTW, I did set the license to LGPL but i will be open to suggestion
about a change in order to be useful for other projects.


Oscar Forero.

>>> On Thu, Jan 5, 2006 at  2:58 pm, in message
<dd99b8c80601050558l22be14f1g3a8e8f5db62868c9 at mail.gmail.com>, Rafael
<monoman at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Mono.GetOptions already knows to deal with booleans and integers,
> besides Strings.
> Support for subcommands is planned but not currently implemented.
> I would like for you to experiment with it, and send comments or
> patches to make it better.
> Thanks,
> On 1/4/06, Oscar Forero <oforero at novell.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am new to the list, and i will like to submit the following
>> to your consideration:
>> http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?cmdlineparser
>> I got tired of all the time writing those big switchs statements or
>> using command line parsers that only parse the options but give you
>> everything in string values and you are at the end alone with the
>> parsing.
>> What i want it is a library that use the latest syntax extensions of
>> and where i can wrote something like:
>>     [SupportOperation("PrintName")]
>>     public class SimpleCommand {
>>         /// <summary>
>>         ///
>>         /// </summary>
>>         [STAThread]
>>         public static void Main(string[] Args) {
>>                 // Command line parsing
>>                 CommandLine cm = new CommandLine();
>>                 cm.Configure(typeof(SimpleCommand));
>>                 try {
>>                         cm.Execute(Args);
>>                         }
>>                         catch(InvalidParameterValueException
>> {
>>                                 cm.PrintUsage();
>>                                 Console.WriteLine(exception);
>>                         }
>>                         catch(InvalidParameterException exception)
>>                                 cm.PrintUsage();
>>                                 Console.WriteLine(exception);
>>                         }
> catch(Novell.Util.CommandLine.InvalidOperationException
>> exception) {
>>                                 cm.PrintUsage();
>>                                 Console.WriteLine(exception);
>>                         }
>>                         catch(Exception exception) {
>>                                 Console.WriteLine(exception);
>>                         }
>>         }
>>                 /// <summary>
>>                 /// Get settings of iFolderWeb
>>                 /// </summary>
>>         [OperationParameter("n","name","Word")]
>>         [OperationFlag("q","quiet")]
>>         public static void OnPrintName(string name, bool quiet) {
>>                         try {
>>                                 if(!quiet) {
>>                                         Console.Write("Your name is
>>                                 }
>>                                 Console.WriteLine(name);
>>                 }
>>                 catch (Exception e) {
>>                                 if(!quiet) {
>> {0}", e.Message);
>>                                 }
>>                                 Environment.Exit(-1);
>>                 }
>>                 }
>> }
>> If you see I did not want to dispatch the messages my self, and i
>> to get the right type for every parameter and not a generic array
>> strings or objects.
>> Please take a look of the code present, in order to achieve this
>> functionality i have to generate a Proxy class, this is done by the
>> proxy compiler, it just takes an assembly as a parameter, after that
>> application is ready to run.
>> Feedback is appreciated, positive and negative; also i will like to
>> know what is missing to be useful for you guys ...
>> regards,
>> Oscar Forero
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