[Mono-dev] Need testers for Mono's C# generics compiler.

Andy Waddell awaddell at fnfr.com
Tue Jan 3 22:39:59 EST 2006

Hi Miguel,

I just tried it on our code base and everything compiles fine.  Running
unit tests now (on the code it produced), and haven't seen any issues
yet.  We have a good bit of generics in our code base and have submitted
several gmcs bugs.  All have been promptly addressed except 76440 for
some reason.  We have a workaround for it now, but it's a bit painful.  

FYI: I work for the Fanfare Group (Silicon Valley software startup) and
we just released our flagship product FanfareSVT.  A command line
version that runs on Mono is due out very soon.  This test case
automation software targeted (for the moment) at testing products with a
command line oriented interface (i.e. network boxes, etc) and we've been
building all but the GUI components in both Mono and .NET.  

Keep up the good work!


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Subject: [Mono-dev] Need testers for Mono's C# generics compiler.


   I need developers that have generics code to try a new version of the
C# compiler.  I fixed bugs #72908 and #59289, but am afraid that my
changes could have introduced regressions. 

   This compiler can compile our SVN tree, and passes all of our C#
tests, but I would like to get more testing.

   A binary is available here:


   To install, copy this gmcs.exe into your $prefix/lib/mono/2.0
directory and try building your generics code with it.

   If you rather use the source, I have attached the current patch.


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