[Mono-dev] RE: Glade Custom Widget in mono

Wolfgang Profer wolfgang.profer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:26:23 EST 2006


I needed this functionality myself and wrote a class that does the
work of dispatching
the widget creation calls to the right methods. See the two attached
files for the class and
how to use it.

>  What should i write in the Creation function field? A method name like
> "create_dgUseri" that returns the type of my class or what?I tried to do a
> function :

The string in the widget creation function field is for you to use in
your application. You
can use this string and the widget name to distinguish between
multiple creation functions
and widgets in your app.

>  What does String1, String2, Int1 Int2 mean ?
>  And how do I implement this in my mono application?

Those are additional parameters you can pass to your creation function.

Hope that helps,
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