[Mono-dev] Re: Planning for Mono 1.2: API freeze.

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 2 13:21:21 EST 2006

In this case class status pages should be extended to *all* assemblies
intended to public use to ensure API compatibility.


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Subject: Planning for Mono 1.2: API freeze.

> Hello folks,
>    I know that this is a very short notice, I should have mentioned
> this in mid-December, but I completely blanked out.
>    We are going to API freeze Mono this week.  If you have any API
> changes that you want to make, please contact me directly.
>    What this means is that the public API of the Mono-specific
> libraries will cease to change, although we can continue to bug fix it
> and document it.
>    The .NET libraries already had their APIs set in stone, so those
> will continue to be developed (implementing NotImplementedExceptions,
> fixing bugs and implementing NET_2_0 protected code).
>    Changes to the .NET public API to fix differences against the
> published .NET interface is ok (specially in the 2.x universe, as Mono
> 1.2 will not guarantee .NET 2.0 support in full anyways, so things are
> much more lax there).
>    So in short: you can change implementation bits, but not public
> interfaces.
>    If an API change is /absolutely required/ this needs to be discussed
> before the patch makes it into SVN.
> Miguel

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