[Mono-dev] Current state of documentation?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Feb 27 20:26:47 EST 2006


> 1. What is being used from this project, and should it be updated in its present 
> form?

The "To be added" string is an old string that we used, but people got
confused with "The API has not been implemented", so we added a hack to
the rendering program to substitute the string with something more

> 2. Who is currently watching over this?

mono-docs-list is the place to discuss documentation.

> 3. Would it be helpful (and/or legal) to update the Mono doc set with the 
> documentation from the ECMA specs? (I can't find a notice from the ECMA site 
> that says either way.) If not, what other way could the documentation for the 
> base classes be updated?

The mono documentation is based on the ECMA documentation, we already
imported it all.   Yes, it is legal, and open "sourceish" as someone
said on a separate thread.

There is a new batch of documents that the new ECMA spec has that covers
generics that we could import.  But before we do this, we need to add
generics support to the various tools (documentation updater, monodoc
itself, etc).


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