[Mono-dev] Unloading an Assembly

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Sun Feb 26 09:13:10 EST 2006


     Zoltan - That bug is different. There are similarities. Mine is related
to communication between different AppDomains.
My application is as follows:

               1)  Domain1 - Loading an assembly - SampleApplication.exe
                    From next statement, the current domain starts.
                    CurrentDomain -  Using Reflection on it to get all the
                      Then Iam doing some processing using Xml files.
System.Xml.Xpath namespace. Used some classes in it.
                       Stored some info. in an ArrayList.
                       The above 4 lines belong to the current domain only
isn't? So it is communication between different domains. I think the problem
is here.
                       Unloaded the AppDomain Domain1.

               2)   Iam using Mono.Cecil to again access the same assembly -
SampleApplication.exe and Iam inserting custom attributes into them.

                 But even if I comment out the step - 2,  Iam getting the
same exception. When step - 2 is written as a separate application, it is

                Is it possible to have an application structure like I
described here. Inorder to isolate an assembly - SampleApplication.exe Iam
trying to load into two separate domains and trying to do inter domain

                What should I do ?

           Thank you.
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