[Mono-dev] a question on ThreadAbortException

huangyi huangyi12 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 12:13:43 EST 2006

according to my experience, the call of Abort() will make a thread
throw ThreadAbortException
no matter whether the thread is alertable state or not.
i know Abort() will queue a APC,
and i also know that thread must be alertable state before handle APC queue.
now i am confused, how Abort() can cause a thread throw ThreadAbortException
even when "while(true) ; " running.

Did you do some magic to managed code ?
I want to know how you do that ?

My project need to run and schedule many scripts written by user (and user
can write code like "while(true) ;"), because the number of scripts is huge,
so i use a single thread running all the scripts.so i need a function just
like Abort() to interrupt the current script (if time out) and go on to run
next script, but i don't know how to implement that in c/c++.

can you tell me?  thank you so much.

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