[Mono-dev] 1003 Ways To Break A Runtime

Ankit Jain radical at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 00:32:23 EST 2006


> > Use:
> >       .field int32& val1
> > and
> >       .field [mscorlib]System.TypedReference val2
> >
> > They are not allowed, so I'm not sure ilasm will
> > compile them.
> ILASM doesn't seem to like them.

I tried
        .field public int32& i
        .field public class [mscorlib]System.TypedReference val2

Both ilasm .net and mono are able to compile this. Ofcourse, the
resulting assembly has PEVerify errors. Were you talking about the
same thing or did i misunderstand what you wanted?

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