[Mono-dev] Intel Macs

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Sat Feb 18 16:26:10 EST 2006

Just to elaborate on this; there are three main pieces that need to  
be done in varying states of completeness:

#1: Port boehm gc.  This is completed and in SVN with some minor  
changes to my patchset from paolo.
#2: Port the ucontext stuff to the new darwin structures.  This is  
trivial and is done.
#3: Align the stack to a 16-byte boundary for all callers.  TODO

#1 and #2 allow the system to pass make rcheck; but not having #3  
breaks a ton of icalls and pretty much all pinvokes.  I'm working on  
finishing that; and paolo has mentioned that he will dedicate a few  
cycles to it.

So as miguel says; 1.1.14 we should be shipping a x86-MAC dmg of the  
runtime as well.  Universal binaries will be a while out (unless  
someone else wants to tackle it).  Andy Satori started looking at  
universal binaries and stated that glib had a few issues with the  
auto* method of making a universal binary.  It should be noted that  
apples autotools* provided method will _NOT_ work for mono because of  
how our ./configure works; and I'm sure we have some endian macros on  
there from glib that will be broken too.


* http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn2005/tn2137.html

On 18-Feb-06, at 12:43 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello,
>> I was wondering what the status of mono on the Intel macs?  We have a
>> product that runs on the mac’s via mono, but haven’t had much success
>> with getting mono to run on the intel macs.  Anyone have any idea?
> Geoff has written most of the support for Intel Macs, Paolo did a few
> changes recently as well.
> The changes should appear in Mono 1.1.14 when we release it.
> Miguel.
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