[Mono-dev] Assembly Mono.Cecil not found while compiling

Carlos Alberto Cortez calberto.cortez at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 18:38:35 EST 2006


I would like to add something that could be of help:

Installing assemblies in tha GAC doesn't mean you can reference them
using the '-r' option (this -r option applies to the assembly path, such
MyAssembly.dll or ../Something/MyAssembly.dll
or /fullpath/MyAssembly.dll). The exceptions to the rule are mscorlib,
System and System.Xml assemblies.

Installing the assemblies in GAC means that after you _compiled_ your
app, the referenced assemblies will be looked up inside it (so basically
GAC is used rather for deployment than for development). Of course you
can pass the full path of the assembly inside the GAC to -r option, or
copy it to your current directory, for example.

Note that some assemblies include some additional info, which is used
with -pkg option, as Robert pointed out (so you don't need to copy the
assembly or pass the full path to -r option, and basically mess with the

Hope it helps.

El sáb, 18-02-2006 a las 02:15 +0100, Robert Jordan escribió:
> Hey,
> >         I installed Mono and Cecil. Tried to compile a sample application
> > using Mono.Cecil. But the mcs compiler is giving error messages that it
> > cannot find Mono.Cecil.
> > 
> >         I installed Mono.Cecil.dll into the GAC successfully. Generated a
> > key and recompiled Mono.Cecil.dll.sources with the -keyfile:mykey.snkoption.
> Since Cecil is a package, you don't need to mess with the GAC. Just
> apply the -pkg option to mcs:
> mcs -pkg:mono-cecil ...
> Robert
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