[Mono-dev] Mono embedded scripting language advice

David Jung jungdl at ornl.gov
Thu Feb 16 18:09:29 EST 2006

I have an app in which I have a small 'console' text area in which I'd 
like to have users enter small snippet of code in a scripting language, 
that I can then execute.  I'd also like to define some 'functions' 
up-front that will access my app's (C#) classes.

Can someone recommend an implementation of a scripting language that is 
known to work with Mono? (and is stable)
I tried boo, but the latest version crashes on 'print "hello world"' 
with the latest release (and svn) versions of mono
(on FedoraCore 4).
Next I tried IronPython Beta 3 - which crashes on startup with a 'not 
implemented' exception.
The Mono JavaScript page says it is under heavy development and one of 
the future plans is "Access to Mono's base class library".

What other options are there that are known to work reliably? 
(I don't know VB, but I understand it is not really a scripting 
language, right?).


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