[Mono-dev] XSP2 cannot locate the GAC

Ameya Barve abarve at fnfr.com
Wed Feb 15 12:51:05 EST 2006

I am reposting as the first email did not make it to the list for some
reason. Please ignore and delete this email if you've already received
my earlier one.

- Ameya


This is my first post, and I hope the topic is relevant to this mailing

I have Mono installed on RHEL 4.0 Workstation. XSP2 seems to be
installed correctly, as issuing the 'xsp2' command correctly launches
the web server. I'm having several issues with using XSP2 with my
ASP.Net 2.0 web-application, all of them I think because XSP2 cannot
seem to locate the GAC. 

Here's a concrete example I can give. I have a simple console app which
references and makes calls to the System.Runtime.Remoting namespace.
Running this console app is not a problem; I am able to connect to, and
make calls against my Remote Server. I then have a simple ASPX page
which basically makes the same calls as the console app
(System.Runtime.Remoting namespace is referenced in the Web.config
file). However, when I try to bring this page up in my browser, I get
the following error:

Server Error in '/' Application
Parser Error
Description: Error parsing a resource required to service this request.
Review your source file and modify it to fix this error. 
Error message: Assembly System.Runtime.Remoting, Version=,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089 not found  
If I then update my MONO_PATH to point to the exact location of the
file, the error goes away and the page loads correctly:

I still have some other problems after this step, but I suspect they are
all related to XSP2 not knowing where the GAC is located.

- Ameya

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