[Mono-dev] Please, share your .Net1.1 and 2.0 support and #if directives experience

mike.hull at coversant.net mike.hull at coversant.net
Fri Feb 10 12:05:41 EST 2006

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. wrote:
> Npgsql developers are going to start adding 2.0 functionality and
> interfaces to Npgsql.
> We discussed about it and we decided to have another directory in Npgsql
> cvs tree to hold the new Npgsql2 source code.
> I'd like to hear from you what are your experience with usage of #if in
> the source code. We thought it could confuse and make a lot of noise in
> the code. One of the developers even started to code with #if's but quit
> because it was too confusing and difficult to maintain.
> I'm also asking that because I know Mono has a dual (or triple if we
> consider 1.0) compilation process in same code and Npgsql2 would
> eventually be put in Mono svn tree. If we keep a separated Npgsql2
> directory, would it be a problem?

We followed the same practices as are observed in the mono source code. 

We use Visual Studio 2005 as a development environment.  We can target 
different versions of mono and also different versions of the .NET 
framework.  Attached is the latest version of the targets file that we 

If you search the archives of this list I have posted previously 
instructions on how to use it.

Mike Hull

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